the  Delta Raga Blues

This is FLAT 12's up coming  album. Devoted almost entirely to the 1930 National Steel Guitar and early 70's Dobro I've been so in love with playing the past few years. Go fund me.

DEREK IS AVAILABLE  solo, as a duo with harmonica, as bass drums and guitar trio, and many other combos. We have the right group for every occasion. Call my cell I'm always more than happy to help:  415-218-0295

Ravi Shankar and Jon Lee Hooker  If there were a way to seemlessly blend the mystical sounds we hear from the likes of  Sitar Legend  Ravi Shankar with the down home blues of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans [folks like Jon Lee Hooker and Robert ]ohnson] it would make for some great flow music right? Derek thought so too.  As a 40 year student, a 25 year professional practitioner of the Blues and a recent 200 hour certified Yoga instructor, the past three years have been an exhilarating period of discovery. While listening to Ravi after a Yoga class and before a bar gig where he'd play slide guitar he stumbled upon a technique for emulating the phrasing of the Sitar. Since then he has developed a methodology for creating a soundtrack for any Yoga class. It's roughly based on the construct of a classical Indian Raga [which roughly translates to "colors"].  It enables him to establish harmonic themes which are used to dynamically interact with the pacing, intensity and spirit of the room as it moves through a 90 minute class. His 1931 National Steel Slide Guitar is the perfect bridge between a swampy sawdust floored shack on the Bayou and a Vishnu Shrine on the River Ganges. You have to see it to believe it. Here's what a few of his Yoga instructors had to say about his work:



"Derek and his steel guitar create an amazing soundscape that is perfect for a flow class.   He moves between Indian and more blues-oriented sections creating a "Delta Raga" sound that is quite unique.  He arranges his sections, including tempo/dynamics right to my class sequence beautifully.  I have had several musicians in my classes, and it is often hit or miss. Since I teach a mindful slow-flow with a lot of alignments and philosophy weaved in, it is important that I am able to talk and demonstrate. Derek is very mindful and aware, modifying his music according to what is going on in class (i.e., if I am trying to explain subtle alignment principle or demo a pose, he would either play softer or stop the music altogether so students could hear). So it has been such a pleasure to have Derek in my class — a special gift to me and my students!"  

–Ai Kubo  Yoga instructor at Yoga Tree Telegraph, Green Yogi


Derek's music is a sound so unique it adds depth and inspiration to any yoga class. His style of guitar stands beautifully on its own as well as being the perfect compliment to the harmonium. His music feels like a blend of sounds from both east and west culminating in a perfect balance lending support to both teacher and student. ​

–Robin Duryea  Yoga Instructor at Yoga Tree Castro, 6th Ave,  the Center, the JCC


I'm writing in reference to Derek Fairchild and his performances during my yoga classes. Derek is a humble, and talented musician, who also happens to be a dedicated practitioner of yoga. He regularly practiced in my yoga classes and one day offered to play guitar, at the end of class. He offered this without asking for compensation, but as an offering for the students to enjoy, and deepen their experience. His music is beautiful, unique, and always adds the perfect balance to each class he plays in. It is always a pleasure to enjoy Derek's offerings.

–Michael Richardson –Yoga instructor at Yoga Tree Castro, Potrero, Hayes, 6th Ave, Yoga Flow




This is FLAT 12's first album, finalized last year. Guitar and vocals, Derek Fairchild, Producer and engineer, Michael Rosen, Drums Andrew Laubacher, Bass Oscar Westesson.


The Run


The Chase

Born on the Bayou


Not to Be

Killing Time

The Bottom